Monday, August 4, 2008

Baby Shower!

On Saturday my good friend Megan Evans threw me a baby shower! It was so much fun! There were people there that I love and some I haven't seen in years! They were all nice enough to get presents for our new little guy...probably lucas cory, if I could get Cory to just agree :)....

Thanks to Megan & Amber for putting the whole thing together too!

It was great to see everyone that was there - Megan, Amber, Jenny, Nikki, Collette, Linda, Jean, Rachelle Tysha and Tacee, Marya, Molly, Annie and Sarah, and Ali and McCall.


Here are some pictures of the festivities!

this would be my sister and sis-in-law having a bottle drinking competition. Ambers face is my favorite thing

This is me, molly (in the front) and sarah and anna mcguire in the back.

L to R: Nikki, Collette (nic's mom) Marya and Sarah McGuire and Jean Wagner - Cory's grandma

Here is a picture of the Woods Girls. Rachelle is the mom and was one of my very favorite young women's leaders. Her daughters are Tysha (in white) and Tacee.

and of course don't forget mccall in the background....

Here's another shot of Jenny and Amber...

And last but not least - Ali and Mccall!