Monday, November 30, 2009

13 Months

Well Luke, I almost missed this month's blog...I kept thinking "oh yeah I should write that" and then would put it we're lucky it's only a day late!

You are currently sitting on my lap listening/dancing to Andrea Bocelli & Mary J Blige sing "What Child Is This?" no matter what music it might be, you love to dance. My favorite is when you dance to the songs in church. Not really ideal...but oh so cute

You have picked up your growling trick again. Whenever we say "go get it" or "i'm going to get you" you run growling.

This last month seemed like it just drug on and on for some reason. You have learned a love to talk. you say dog, dad, ball, uh-oh, achoo when anyone around you sneezes - which you think is the funniest thing by the way - mom, num when you're hungry or like the food you're eating and sadly...poop. You tend to say this right after you poop. Every once in a while you'll say it right before - then we could ditch the diaper! You know where your nose, belly and feet are. Oh and you love to say "sh" for shoe.

You love going into the closet and picking out my shoes and bringing them to me, or dads and taking them to him. You spend probably half of your day trying to put shoes on and walk around in them.

Your current favorite place to hang out is in the drawer underneath the stove. weird, i know. You climb in and take all the pots and pans out, stack them on the kitchen floor and then proceed to take all your toys - one by one - and put them in the drawer and shut it again. If we ever lose anything at least we know where to look right?

We still have a pinching problem with you...I have found that you become quite the little bully when you are hungry or tired. I have no idea where you get that..........must be from your dad. it's the only explanation.

We had such a fun visit with Michelle & Emma. They came in to town for a few days, and we had them and McCall & Libby over to play. You had so much fun playing with Emma, however apparently you didn't want to sit by her...

You love going places too. Maybe it's because I love to go places, so we are constantly out and about. It is getting to be so fun because you understand more and more of what we say to you. Like today, I said "Luke, do you want to go to Target?" and you walked right to the door and reached for the handle. Then I said "well, we need to get your socks and shoes on first" and you led the way into your bedroom to get them on. And then went to the door...again. ready to go.

You are still as curious as ever. And by curious I mean messy. I don't know why you love to empty things so much...closets, drawers, toy bins, cupboards. You name it.

You have become quite the cheesy little boy too. You LOVE to laugh and you especially love to make other people laugh. You have quite the funny fake laugh too.

So after your birthday, Amb took you to get your haircut...I am so happy she did that and I didn't have to. Poor Jessica thinks you will hate her forever for cutting it. You had a serious meltdown. I mean SERIOUS. You sobbed and sobbed and sobbed the entire time. The whole 15 minutes...I have to say, it was totally worth it. Your hair looks a million times better than it did before.

You were the superstar at Thanksgiving dinners with all of Dad's families too. They sure did love you.

We also took away your bottle this month....oh man. It wasn't quite as bad as I thought it was. I think the problem is that your molars are coming in, so that mixed with the lack of bottle soothing you to sleep made for some rough nights. After about a week and a half though we are back to normal...actually, I think better than ever. You are sleeping for 12 hours at night, and still taking 2 naps that are about 1.5 hours each. So awesome.

Thanks for being such a great little boy Luke. You are incredibly easy going and love to be around people. That makes our lives so much easier...especially this time of year when there are lots of holiday parties going on.
We love you very much Luke.

Mom & Dad.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Luke's favorite. This is how we spend about 20 minutes each morning. And probably 20 minutes throughout the day as well. It is the perfect distraction for him while I make breakfast and lunch each day.

He starts dancing when the opening music starts. He starts counting when Manny counts - in spanish of course - before they sing their "let's get to work" song.

If you parents out there don't approve of television for your children - don't judge.

For those of you parents out there who enjoy the 20 minutes while they are distracted - you know exactly what I am talking about.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another First

I guess there is a first for everything.....

And this was his first time-out. Quite effective wouldn't you say?