Friday, May 20, 2011

It is what it is.

So, a few weeks ago my sister made a decision. (I know, it totally surprised me too) I have been struggling with it since then. Why couldn't she just stick with being indecisive? I mean seriously. So, I put together a little glimpse of our life together over the last three years. Partially as an ode to our sisterhood and how much I've loved being her bff, and partially as a way to make her cry. Because she doesn't even seem sad that she is leaving me. Probably forever.

I was hoping to capture a wide range of activities we have participated in, as well as some great pictures of Luke because I'm sure you'll miss him the most.

I cried for about an hour while I made this. Hopefully it has the same effect on you AMBER. LOVE!

(amber - i'll give you one last piece of advice...don't watch this at work, just in case your soul shines through and you feel an emotion. just sayin')
Oh and it's a requirement that you listen to Adele's Don't You Remember while watching this. that will really get the emotions flowing.

Monday, May 2, 2011


After two days, just over 200 miles, at least two dozen cookies, a lot of lazy tv days full of chatting and reminiscing, Luke and I have returned from a much needed vacation in Logan visiting the besties. It was splendid and lovely and mellow and everything else a weekend getaway should be. Too bad Cory couldn't join us. Next time, next time.

I even took my camera with the hope of documenting the wonderful trip. This is the only picture I took. And it wasn't even with a normal camera.

Tyler and Megan were splendid hosts; Ty played with Luke as much as they both could handle (well, as much as Tyler could handle...Luke could play for 12 days straight), Megan cooked - as she always does - and stopped her life to spend it with me. A very big accomplishment for her. It was much appreciated.

I enjoyed every minute, and seriously wonder why it doesn't happen more often? It probably should.

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