Thursday, July 30, 2009

9 months - pt. 2

luke...I feel like your last blog didn't do your 9th month of life the justice it deserved. chris, sandy and tyler all came over while i was in the midst of typing it so i got distracted.
a few things I forgot:
dancing - while amb and i were in st george dad taught you how to dance. it is so cute. you sit on the floor and just rock back and forth. if we say "dance dance" and you are standing, you sit down and start rocking back and forth.
screaming - you have found your high pitched voice. it's like the sissiest girly scream ever.
sharing - you now share everything. whatever you eat, you show the people around you and hold it in their face until they say "numnumnum" like they are eating it. haha. you are so funny.
the best part of all of this, is you do it on command. we say "shake it" and you shake whatever toy is in your hand. we say "dance dance" and you start dancing. it is so awesome.
and last but not least...teething. you have gotten all 4 of your top front teeth and i'm pretty sure you are getting your canine's now too. let me tell you, it has made for some seriously rough nights. you still only have the two front ones on the bottom. your smile is getting pretty cute with all those teeth though!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

9 Months

Dear Lukey...

Well, you have been here with us now as long as it took to make you inside me....(minus one week but we won't go there). Let me tell you, 9 months of you went by way faster than 9 months of pregnancy!

When I look back at what our lives were like 9 months ago, it was so entirely different. The freedom...the late nights...the independence. I wouldn't trade you back for any of it!

You have gotten to be SO much fun. I swear in the last month you have just come into your own and are so your own person.

Here are a few things you learned this month....

growling. it is so funny - you just sit in the back of the car talking away to yourself and you throw in a growl every once in a while.
clapping. this one took you forever to learn!

you totally know who mom and dad are. whenever one of us is not around you don't stop saying the other person's name (when mom is gone you just say "mamamamamamama" and if dad is gone you say "dadadadadadadadada")

you LOVE your ball. and i mean LOVE. that's your other word - bahbahbahbah - that's how we know you want your ball

you love to drink out of water bottles and don't really care for your sippy cup

you still love amber probably at least as much as you love me and dad.

you force laugh. oh my gosh this might be my favorite thing. we start laughing (or amber walks in the room) and you force out this "ha. ha. ha." and then look back and forth between everyone in the room just to make sure we are all still laughing. it usually just makes us laugh harder, so it is a downward spiral.

We moved to a new apartment this month too. Our new place is about twice the size - you love having so much more space to crawl around and play. Moving with you around was quite the experience. I never realized how much STUFF you have! man alive. and you think you are so helpful...trying to pull everything out of the boxes I put them in. I really appreciated it....

I also left you for the first time this month. Well, for more than a few hours at least. Amber and I went to St. George for the weekend and I didn't see you for 3 whole days! Ok, well two half days and one whole day, but still. It was so long! I missed you like crazy...and slept until 10am every day. Which I loved.

As you can tell by the fact that we have only two pictures of the last month of your life, you can probably understand how busy we have been!

This picture I took of you makes me remind you of your dad. You are definitely just like him!

We love you lots and just love watching you learn and grow!
Love, Mom & Dad

Monday, July 27, 2009

out of touch

Ok it is somewhat amazing how out of touch I have begun to feel without having my daily dose of television and the internet!
We have been in our new place for just over a week, and I L O V E it. Seriously. We have about twice the space we used to have....and (no offense amber) but a built in babysitter too!!
Although I try not to take complete advantage of that, it is difficult not to.
I am lucky to have such a great sister who is willing to help out in whatever way she can.
Thanks sis!
Now...on to more important things.
First of all, I am totally the worst friend ever. Cotter...Happy Birthday a few days ago. I know, I fail miserably! I am going to call you today. For real.
Second of all, Mom - Happy Birthday a few days ago! I know, I haven't devoted an entire blog to you. However, Amber said everything I would have said. And she did it with her usual wit and charm. Way to steal my thunder Amb. Thanks a lot.
I will post pictures (mainly for my mom since she's one of the very few people who haven't seen it already) on Wednesday or Thursday. After a few angry phone calls and Cory being great for handling them all, we are (FINALLY) getting the internet on Wednesday. Thank goodness!
Anyway, hope all is well in the blogging world - I have missed you dearly.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Do you ever have those days when all of life suddenly hits you and you spend your day debating whether you would rather use the curl-up-in-bed-until-it-all-goes-away approach or the make-a-list-and-conquer-the-world approach?
Today I am having that debate.
We move next week and basically nothing is ready. Granted, I'm not really a pack-and-move kind of person. Especially because we are moving about 15 minutes away from where we live now. It's much easier to just throw the clothes in the car and go put them in the new closet (walk-in, if I might add) rather than take them off the hangers, put them in a box, take them to the new place, un-box them and re-hanger them. Such a waste.
Does anyone else ever feel like they can't get a single thing accomplished when there are other people inside their house?
It is a weird phenomenon.
And don't get me wrong, Cory is great - and generally a good helper........if I give him a detailed list of instructions. And tell him the bathroom needs to be "megan clean" not "cory clean" because seriously, they are different.
Anyway, that's not the point. The point is, I feel like a bad mom/wife for thinking I want to kick my husband and son out of the house for a day so I can get something accomplished. When it is Cory's only day off during the week and we could spend it having fun-happy-family time.
So which is better?
Spend time with your husband and son for the day while I have the chance but then have to pack everything on Monday after a 6 hour day at work, with Luke there to "help" me, and Cory at work?
Have your husband spend some quality time with his son while his anxiety-clad wife accomplishes something with her day and eases the anxiety - therefore being able to have some fun-happy-family time tomorrow?
Tough decisions really.