Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happy Place

This is what my happy place looks like...
messy hair = lots of good naps = happy baby
dirty shirt = lots of good food = happy baby
perfect weather = time outside = happy place

8 months

Dear Luke

Another month has come and's amazing the things you can discover in only 30 days! You learned to crawl this month - therefore you think you are invincible. You climb up EVERYTHING and think it is SO AWESOME that you can stand up! (holding on to furniture of course...but still. it's cool to you) Everytime you pull yourself up, you look around for recognition like you just accomplished the coolest trick ever.

You have learned to love to play with a ball. It's so weird how you are just attracted to all of them. For a few weeks you had a little rubber basketball that you carried with you EVERYWHERE. You now have a purple mini-kick ball with a bat on ugly, but whatever. You actually took it to bed with you last night. You tend to have meltdowns when we take it away.

You don't seem too interested in many of your real toys anymore. You LOVE LOVE LOVE dad's xbox controller. and the remote. and the blow dryer. and the straightener. Basically anything that isn't a legitimate toy. Oh, and power cords! Oh my goodness do you love power cords! You sit and chew on them for as long as I'll let you. (I usually let you get away with that more than Dad does....he loves his electronics)

We have started giving you more and more "people" food. You had spaghetti for the first time this month. I'm not sure if you actually ate any of it or just made an incredible mess....

You have this really weird love of wipes. It is so funny. I left you unattended for not even 5 minutes, only to find you had done this.....oh man you were proud of yourself.

You love to eat them. After the "snail incident" I made/let you chew on one. just because i was SO incredibly grossed out. You look like a little puppy because you'll shove a wipe in your mouth and then crawl around the floor with it hanging out! It is so funny.

Oh and just in case you ever wonder about that "snail incident" here's a picture of the actual snail....I really hope to never see another one of those in my life. Ever.

Ambie and I went out for dessert the other day, and some of our friends were there so we ended up having you and Dad come and join us. You played with Chris/critter/kristakunte for quite a while and thought the window was like the greatest thing ever. You love to drum on things and the window made such a great sound! You also blew some wonderful raspberries on it - I'm sure whoever had to clean up after you really appreciated it...

You have started to say "momomomomom" and "dadadadadad" A LOT. We still haven't decided if you know what they actually mean, but you sure say it alot. You have become quite the little shadow for me...I start to worry if I am walking around the house and don't hear you behind me saying "momomomomomomom" and following me around. I still can't decide if I love it or not - I was secretly hoping you'd learn to say Dad's name first...then I wouldn't always have to be the one to get you in the morning!

Lukey, we love you very much. This is probably your shortest month-long post. It was kind of a boring month (besides the snail and crawling...). Me, Ambie and you are going to Canada tomorrow for a week and once we get back we are moving to a new apartment - so next month should be more exciting for you!

We have love watching you grow and turn into your own little self lately. I think you have more personality inside you than you know what to do with. It's amazing how quickly you can make me switch from being so entirely annoyed, to so happy that I have you in my life. Thank you for teaching me all that you have so far - patience mostly - and for loving me unconditionally. I think the tables have finally turned and you might love me more than Dad. But just might.


Mom & Dad

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Dad.

My dad, believe it or not, is the man I most look up to.

He is the person I know I can talk to about anything.

He handles my sarcasm (usually) with a smile on his face.

He handled my teenage/early twenties tears with love and concern.

He is the rock I know I can rely on.

He is the example of a righteous priesthood holder.

He is the example of a selfless, caring person.

He is always willing to laugh with me and at me.

He follows the Gospel diligently.

He is my example of hard work.

He is my example of how to have good clean fun.

I love him more than I could ever express.

He is my rock. The one I know I can rely on through thick and thin.

I love you Dad.
Thank you for loving me through all of life's disasters. As well as all of lifes treasures.
You have taught me more than you will ever know.

One of my Dad's famous is not a party. life is work. sometimes in life we have parties, but life is not a party. (please know that I was about 8 when we were given this speech).

I love you Dad.
Thanks for everything.
You are the man.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

oh boy.

Me: Luke - what are you eating?
Amber: LUKE?! What is that?..........oh my gosh I think it's a snail.
Me: {screaming and yelling w/ amber screaming and yelling in the background} OH MY GOSH HE IS EATING A SNAIL.
Me: {jump out of my chair and swipe his hand away from his face}
......there goes the snail shell.....
Luke: {crying because we yelled so loud}
ME: oh lukey, sorry buddy {screaming and sweating and almost crying}
AMBER: oh sorry luke {screaming and sweating and almost crying}
Me: phew. it was just the shell.
3 minutes later that shell was INCHING IT'S WAY ACROSS MY CARPET. Antennas and all. OH MY GOSH. I am still gagging.
I then made/let Luke chew on a wipe to clean his mouth out.
The next five minutes were then spent screaming and sweating and almost crying and making amber get it out of my house.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

blog stalking

at it's finest. this movie is funny. and i stole it from a random's blog. that's even funnier.
i don't know how to upload just the video from youtube so you'll just have to deal with the link.

Friday, June 5, 2009

bad news...

I may have just come upon THE MOST DANGEROUS website I have EVER encountered.
I give you my may leave with an empty wallet and an upset husband.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's Official

We are the proud parents of a crawling baby!