Monday, July 26, 2010

too good

I think I need to frame this and hang it in my house.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

car ride

So Luke and I were in the car yesterday and from the backseat (obvs) this is what went down:

Luke: (while pointing to the radio that is currently set to dr. laura - my fav) "on? on?"

Me: you want the radio on? it's already on buddy.

Luke: gaga. on? on? gaga.

Me: what? gaga? what the heck is gaga?

Luke: (said with a little more vigor) gaga. on? on? gaga.

Me: (mostly joking in my un-mommy-full-of-sarcasm fashion) you want gaga on? you want to listen to gaga?
[tangent: i secretly love that luke doesn't totally understand everything I is so entertaining to me when he agrees to things he really shouldn't be agreeing to. bad mom. i know.]

Luke: yeah. gaga.
[tangent - i L.O.V.E. how he says yeah. short. matter of fact. yeah. this makes getting him to agree to things so much easier. and funnier]

Me: (sheepishly looking around wishing someone else could observe this interaction) okay weirdo. if you say so. we can listen to gaga.

I turn on GaGa Bad Romance.

GAGA!!!! (insert awesome car seat dance moves here)

Umm.....bad mom or awesome-full-of-cultural-diversity-music-teaching mom?

I can't even really decide.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

written word

Am I the only person that thinks reading just isn't the same
without the
turning of a page
and the smell of
ink on paper?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


For some reason that I am not sure I care to figure out,
I am feeling this intense pressure to blog.
And yet, I have very little desire to do so.

I am contemplating taking a summer hiatus.
All those opposed,
speak now or forever hold your peace

Between trips to the pool, visiting with Ty and Lala while they
were here, trips to St. George and the City of Sin,
pool trips with Ax and Memma (and Michelle and Ashlee too of course)
as well as enjoying the all-to-rare-spare-time Husb has
while between semesters of studying, my days are full.

Full of fun, joy and real happiness.

This summer has been a happy one for me. so far.
I look forward to a few
more surprises
ahead, more visits with my
wonderful family

and our great friends.

So, I give you fair posts may be few and
far between
When you miss me, as I'm sure you will, just know I am out
enjoying my life
You should be jealous, that's how good it is.