Friday, July 23, 2010

car ride

So Luke and I were in the car yesterday and from the backseat (obvs) this is what went down:

Luke: (while pointing to the radio that is currently set to dr. laura - my fav) "on? on?"

Me: you want the radio on? it's already on buddy.

Luke: gaga. on? on? gaga.

Me: what? gaga? what the heck is gaga?

Luke: (said with a little more vigor) gaga. on? on? gaga.

Me: (mostly joking in my un-mommy-full-of-sarcasm fashion) you want gaga on? you want to listen to gaga?
[tangent: i secretly love that luke doesn't totally understand everything I is so entertaining to me when he agrees to things he really shouldn't be agreeing to. bad mom. i know.]

Luke: yeah. gaga.
[tangent - i L.O.V.E. how he says yeah. short. matter of fact. yeah. this makes getting him to agree to things so much easier. and funnier]

Me: (sheepishly looking around wishing someone else could observe this interaction) okay weirdo. if you say so. we can listen to gaga.

I turn on GaGa Bad Romance.

GAGA!!!! (insert awesome car seat dance moves here)

Umm.....bad mom or awesome-full-of-cultural-diversity-music-teaching mom?

I can't even really decide.


Tyler & Katy said...

oh my gosh...seriously...NO GAGA LUKE!!!!!

Karissa said...

hahahaha.... that is hilarious!!

Devin & Nikki Choules said...

It's better than scary kids!

Spring said...

hahaha best story ever. Good job Luke :)

Paul~Melissa said...

love this!!!!!

Kelsey and Riley said...

hahaha oh i love this. he is such a cute kid. and you're a great mom. way to be for opening him up to a little culture lol