Monday, July 27, 2009

out of touch

Ok it is somewhat amazing how out of touch I have begun to feel without having my daily dose of television and the internet!
We have been in our new place for just over a week, and I L O V E it. Seriously. We have about twice the space we used to have....and (no offense amber) but a built in babysitter too!!
Although I try not to take complete advantage of that, it is difficult not to.
I am lucky to have such a great sister who is willing to help out in whatever way she can.
Thanks sis!
Now...on to more important things.
First of all, I am totally the worst friend ever. Cotter...Happy Birthday a few days ago. I know, I fail miserably! I am going to call you today. For real.
Second of all, Mom - Happy Birthday a few days ago! I know, I haven't devoted an entire blog to you. However, Amber said everything I would have said. And she did it with her usual wit and charm. Way to steal my thunder Amb. Thanks a lot.
I will post pictures (mainly for my mom since she's one of the very few people who haven't seen it already) on Wednesday or Thursday. After a few angry phone calls and Cory being great for handling them all, we are (FINALLY) getting the internet on Wednesday. Thank goodness!
Anyway, hope all is well in the blogging world - I have missed you dearly.


The Gruwells said...

i luf you!! glad you got a new place. no worries bout my birthday, i know you love me... and that is enough ;)

Tyler & Katy said...

what pictures?? i feel left out not knowing what these pictures are :(