Saturday, July 11, 2009


Do you ever have those days when all of life suddenly hits you and you spend your day debating whether you would rather use the curl-up-in-bed-until-it-all-goes-away approach or the make-a-list-and-conquer-the-world approach?
Today I am having that debate.
We move next week and basically nothing is ready. Granted, I'm not really a pack-and-move kind of person. Especially because we are moving about 15 minutes away from where we live now. It's much easier to just throw the clothes in the car and go put them in the new closet (walk-in, if I might add) rather than take them off the hangers, put them in a box, take them to the new place, un-box them and re-hanger them. Such a waste.
Does anyone else ever feel like they can't get a single thing accomplished when there are other people inside their house?
It is a weird phenomenon.
And don't get me wrong, Cory is great - and generally a good helper........if I give him a detailed list of instructions. And tell him the bathroom needs to be "megan clean" not "cory clean" because seriously, they are different.
Anyway, that's not the point. The point is, I feel like a bad mom/wife for thinking I want to kick my husband and son out of the house for a day so I can get something accomplished. When it is Cory's only day off during the week and we could spend it having fun-happy-family time.
So which is better?
Spend time with your husband and son for the day while I have the chance but then have to pack everything on Monday after a 6 hour day at work, with Luke there to "help" me, and Cory at work?
Have your husband spend some quality time with his son while his anxiety-clad wife accomplishes something with her day and eases the anxiety - therefore being able to have some fun-happy-family time tomorrow?
Tough decisions really.


amber said...

hmm I don't know which is better. Just take the "day of" approach and do nothing until next saturday.

The Emerys said...

Oh my gosh I had one of those days on wednesday. And sometimes when you have something is big as moving its ok to sacrifice one saturday of family time to get things done or you will go crazy. I wish I was home next week to help you but I will be all over helping you decorate and stuff!

alibrough said...

Ha! You are cute and funny. I have those days and I don't even have a husband or baby so you are way more justified than me. All I know is you are a GOOD no not good GREAT mom and wife. And on another note...I just moved 15 minutes away about a month ago...much easier to just throw is in the car than pack it in a box. Good Luck Meggie!!!

Paul~Melissa said...

Megan we are so much alike!!! I feel the same way but its more of a daily with all the everyday stuff- laundry, dishes, etc. I get torn between hanging out with Paul and Leatham and watching tv or cleaning up....and its seriously hard!!! Everytime I sit down I am thinking of all the stuff I need to do! :) Good luck with the move!

Janica Ellsworth said...

ha. I love the cory clean and megan clean. I TOTALLY know what you mean. Give cory a list of what to pack and have him help. Or make amber do it. haha.

McCall said...

I didn't know you were moving!! I can help...pack things, not carry them. ;) Where are you going?