Thursday, July 30, 2009

9 months - pt. 2

luke...I feel like your last blog didn't do your 9th month of life the justice it deserved. chris, sandy and tyler all came over while i was in the midst of typing it so i got distracted.
a few things I forgot:
dancing - while amb and i were in st george dad taught you how to dance. it is so cute. you sit on the floor and just rock back and forth. if we say "dance dance" and you are standing, you sit down and start rocking back and forth.
screaming - you have found your high pitched voice. it's like the sissiest girly scream ever.
sharing - you now share everything. whatever you eat, you show the people around you and hold it in their face until they say "numnumnum" like they are eating it. haha. you are so funny.
the best part of all of this, is you do it on command. we say "shake it" and you shake whatever toy is in your hand. we say "dance dance" and you start dancing. it is so awesome.
and last but not least...teething. you have gotten all 4 of your top front teeth and i'm pretty sure you are getting your canine's now too. let me tell you, it has made for some seriously rough nights. you still only have the two front ones on the bottom. your smile is getting pretty cute with all those teeth though!


amber said...

I think your last one did it justice but I like that you added more to it. I love that little boy to death.

PS I dont mind being a built in babysitter.

Paul~Melissa said...

ahhh I cant wait to meet this awesome guy I read so much about!!!