Thursday, February 12, 2009


Bathtime is always an adventure...
Here are some pictures to help you understand that L O V E that Luke feels towards bathtime. :)

Oh he loves to splash...look at that going up his round belly!

Look at that face - as the water splashes EVERYWHERE behind him...So proud of himself!

This is what currently happens to ANYTHING that crosses his mouths path!

Please look at how soaking wet my shirt and pants are...oh how much fun!!


Tyler & Katy said...

oh how I remember witnessing bath time!!!!!!!! he is CRAZY!!!

Mimi Gruwell said...

i love that you have strategically positioned him to keep the pictures "decent"... no child pornography please :)... he is so cute!!

The Emerys said...

He is so cute! And getting so big wait until you have to move him to the big bath. Sad day:( Oh and if you guys are still on for tuesday then I will send you home my bumbo. He will love it.

Austin and Chelsi Allred said...

Megan he is the cutest!!! I love his darling tummy!