Monday, March 2, 2009

Logan & Cereal

We went to Logan this weekend for a nice, much needed break! We stayed in the B&B that Megan & Tyler live at. We had so much fun hanging out with them and Nate...Here are a few pictures :)

We played a lot of Rockband....
And apparently Nate can make cookies?? ha ha

We gave Luke his first taste of rice cereal today, and apparently it was a success!
Until we stopped giving it to him......ha ha ha
Please notice how wet his shirt was. It was a success, just a very very messy one!

Here is a video of it too! Oh I just love this little guy so much!


Mimi Gruwell said...

ok... video! best thing EVER!!! i want more of those. i am not going to lie, i watched it three times, and i am probably going to watch it again right now. i am so glad you had fun in lo... and i am going to call you... that is all

Michael and Michelle said...

So I have decided that Luke totally looks like your bros!!!! I love the pics of his cereal, they are sooooo freaking cute. Can't wait to meet this kid!

Jen said...

Oh his cereal experience looks so fun! What a big boy!