Sunday, August 30, 2009

10 months

Well Luke, another month has come and gone.

You are just the goofiest little character. It is as if you have so much personality trapped in your little body, and you just have to be going ALL THE TIME in order to get it all out!

We finally got you back to sleeping through the night - getting 4 teeth at one time was deadly for everyone involved.

You learned how to open the cabinet doors the other day - what a treat!
I think I clean up tupperware at least 6 times a day now.

This is what you did with the bowl today....You sat there like this screaming into it. I think you liked the echo. And that we laughed.

You learned how to roll your "r's" too. You just crawl around going "r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r" all day.
Sometimes it is loud, and sometimes it is quiet - it just depends on your mood I guess.

You are quite the opinionated little man. I wish you could use your words instead of just screaming when you don't get your way. You know what you want and you do whatever you can to get it!
We are working on the word "please".

You are working on standing up - finally. Your balance is good enough to do it - it just freaks you out to let go and do it on your own. You will let go occasionally until you notice, or someone else notices and makes a big deal about it.

You are still not one to show off...whenever we ask you to do all your tricks for people, you just grin as if we are just so ridiculous for even asking!

You learned the concept of "catch" too - you used to not like it because you were worried about not getting your ball back. We now play catch often. You growl often too.

When we ask "what does a monkey say?" you say "who-who-who" or sometimes just one really long "whhhoooooooo".

You know how to give five, say mom, dad, ball and WOW! - always sounds excited too, clap and say "yay", you dance ALL the time. You hear the beat and stop what you are doing to shake it. It is so great.

Your favorite place to play is under the kitchen table - you can fit just perfectly under there. There have been a few times that i've had to get you out when you get stuck in the bars under the chairs. You don't really appreciate that.

We went boating with Chris, Sandy, Kylee, Travis, Kat and Amber the other weekend - it was your first trip on a boat. You handled it surprisingly well. You only hated your life jacket for a few minutes at first. You slept for a bit and LOVED playing the water! you laughed and squealed and kicked and splashed the whole time!

You are learning so much and becoming such a great little boy. We love watching you grow and explore your environment. We love you lots and lots!

Mom & Dad


alibrough said...

I want your couches...where did you get them. Are they blue stripe or grey stripe?? Love em.

Jen said...

Cute post and I like the new background--so much easier to read!

Austin and Chelsi Allred said...

Luke is so freakin cute!!! I love all the pictures. He is so big and growing up so fast, it makes me so excited to have my sweet little Brody. PS. It was fun seeing you at McCalls the other day!

The Emerys said...

Oh I love you Luke! He is so cute and funny. I guess I love your mom lots too.

Michael and Michelle said...

Oh my goodness. Could he look more like your brothers!!!!!! He is so smart too!

Tyler & Katy said...

MEGAN!!!! HOW DID HE GET SO OLD ALL OF A SUDDEN!!!! I am missing every moment away from my cute nephew!!! I can't wait to see you guys!!! Are you coming for Thanksgiving?

amber said...

oh my gosh I can't get over how cute he is.