Friday, August 27, 2010

back to school

If I am THIS excited for children to be back in school, when I don't have school-age children, I can only imagine how excited I will be 5 years from now.
(obvs this excitement will be mixed with sadness as I watch my little boy walk into his first day of school. probably not even waving good bye - similar to what I experience every sunday when he marches into nursery without even looking back. I mean, I'm allowed to be a little bit sad, I will have spent basically every day of the last 5 or 6 years with him by that point.)

I went to Heaven On Earth on Tuesday the day before school started, and it was quite possibly
the worst decision of my life.
It was more hellish than heavenly.
I thought the same thing when I went there on the first day of summer.

Rambunctious children. Everywhere.
Frantic mothers. Everywhere.

I am going there again today; looking forward to
blissful silence as I traipse through the aisles


Amber said...

I'm really jealous that you know words like "traipse". And this is so true, I am so happy the little children are back where they belong.

Tyler and Megan said...

Ha ha soo true!
and so sad....I am a one of those frantic students frantically running up the aisles.

mostly because of the lack of a nearby target..I feel the need to absorb as much of its loveliness as possible.

Sorry. :)