Monday, September 20, 2010

fight or flight

Ever have those weeks where everything inside you is telling you to run for the hills? No? Just me? oh, bummer. This is one of those weeks.

Let me just explain a little bit of what happens in September that makes me want to flee:

1. School starts. I am not a student, however Cory & Amber are. Between the three of us we have to somehow coordinate three full time jobs, two full time students (school in orem & school in salt lake) a two year old, and everything else life has to offer.

2. Basketball season begins. For most people, this simply means college ball games and little league fun. For me, it means chaos. You see, I work at a basketball facility. And by "work" I mean "run". (with the help of a few others, obvs.)

3. Coldness. Ugh. No more pool parties, no more playing outside while basking in the sunlight, no more warm evening walks.

Now that I type it all out, it seems like not much. That's discouraging because I feel totally overwhelmed.

On a lighter note - the best part of September is that it's a new season for all my fave tv shows. I won't even start to list how many shows I am excited for. Or try to explain how excited I really am. Let's just say I feel like a hole in my life has been filled again.


Michelle Elkins said...

SO excited for the Fall TV shows. It's kinda like Christmas! ha

McCall said...

obvs. you're so funny. let me know if you need help with anything!!! i'm busy too but, i am free at night so if you ever need to work late or anything i'd LOVE to take luke! i'm psyced for fall tv too. ha. love me some good shows!

Amber said...

I am so happy about the tv shows aspect of this blog. And way bummed about the rest of it. The good news is, one day it will all pay $$ off.

Paul~Melissa said...

I feel your pain! Atleast its still a little sunny there right? Add constant rain/mud to the mix and it makes it all the worse!!!

alibrough said...

I do know a certain city that stays warm 9 months out of the year.....I'm just sayin...