Thursday, September 4, 2008


man. i think life has been busier than ever lately! i can't even tell where the last month has gone! So...rather than lots of separate posts (like only somone on top of things can do) it's time for just one massive one.
It all started with a wonderful trip to Wisconsin. I haven't seen all my family since last Christmas so i was SO SO SO excited to get to hang out with them all again for a week! Tyler and Katy got married FINALLY and all I can say is I was seriously a baby the whole time. I was so proud of myself because I didn't cry the day they went through the temple for the first time, however, the wedding day...I was basically a complete mess.
Here are very few pictures of the festivities!

After Wisconsin came some regular life - crazy busy work for both me and cory, preparing for little baby lukey and just living life.
last weekend we went to st george for the real vacation. Cory took me to see Les Miserables at the Tuacahn theater. Now, I LOVE theater - however I was worried for some reason that it was going to be kind of like a home-made play. I was completely wrong. it was FAN TAS TIC! I had almost forgotten how much i love the music in that play. oh man. I can't stop singing it and listening to it on my ipod now!!
Thanks Cory for such a fun weekend!
Today we bought a great dresser. (this is how exciting life gets around the daley household :) ) It was listed on KSL classifieds - which might be my absolute favorite thing in the world - and it is totally vintage and the coolest dresser ever. Now, normally I would just look and think it was neat, however I have been slightly stressed about finding a dresser for luke's room. And I have maybe been slightly picky about it....
Anyway, so there I was browsing the classifieds, and BAM - there it was. I immediately IM'd Cory with the link and made him look at it. He liked it and said we should go look at it and get it as long as it is sturdy and in good shape. So, we went today and bought it!! I am so exciited.
The greatest part is that lately I have felt so driven after work, which is so abnormal, but I am totally feeling up for the challenge of sanding, painting and changing the hardware on it! I will post a picture as soon as I'm done.
That's about the update for now. Life is good. I'm ready to be done being pregnant. I mean, I have loved it and all, I am just ready to move on. I can feel him moving around ALL the time and I just seriously can not wait to meet the little guy. I imagine every day what he will look like and what his personality will be. I have gone a little overboard with the baby clothes lately too - he is going to have the cutest little outfits! Cory is so funny when I drag him along with me to shop. he just nicely says "remember, we are having another baby shower next weekend...." and it's his subtle hint that the pile of clothes i'm carrying around is enough :)
I am so lucky to have the greatest husband in the world. So incredibly patient and caring. He really is the best. LOVE YA COR!!
And I am happy to say as a side note that Cotter was not eaten alive by hurricane Gustav! And I am still hoping michelle doesn't get eaten by hurricane ike or hanna or whatever one is coming next!!


Michael and Michelle said...

I am so excited for Luke to come!!! I can't wait to meet him someday! How fun will it be to have our kids play?!? CRAZY! Ya, hurricane IKE is heading to south florida, we are central, but it could move up towards us. HOPING AND PRAYING it doesn't! The joy of hurricane season!

Austin and Chelsi Allred said...

I love that you are a shopaholic. That is totally going to be me. haha I don't know how you couldn't there is too many dang cute things to buy. I can't wait to see pictures of Luke!!! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.

McCall said...

I was stuck in HANNA when I went to see Jared last weekend! It was crazy! Pics to be posted soon. Love the updates by the way. You're fam is so grown up. Weird! It's my "girls night" this month so I hope you can make it. Text me your address so I can send you an invite! Thx.


Janica Wood said...

i dunno if i could picture you bawling all day long ;) but i guess you ARE pregnant...