Monday, September 8, 2008

Weekend Projects

What a busy weekend. I keep hearing this topic of "nesting" and thought it was totally bogus. Then all of a sudden - it hit me. I had this COMPLETELY uncontrollable drive to do project after project! So, as I was browsing KSL classifieds - one of my favorite websites - I founds this KILLER dresser. It was this totally gross yellowish color with gold trim and the original handles that had like leafy finials (however you spell something like that). I showed it to Cory, and he, after learning to trust me :), told me we could get it. So...we picked it up on Friday and I went a little crazy with it. Here are the after pictures (I totally spaced taking before pics...oops)

So, the picture on the left shows the whole dresser with our great comic-book poster above it. We are making the room a super hero theme. We have some vintage comic books to frame and put on another wall. And my cutest little brother Jake found this poster and gave it to us when we were out there in Wisconsin. So now, Uncle Jakey gets to be the first one that contributed to Lukeys room!

The second picture is just half of the dresser so you can get a better idea of what it looks like. It seriously is the coolest dresser. And it is so old that is SOLID construction - none of this fake wood nonsense they sell in stores these days!


While I was at Home Depot - stalling really so I could give my sister's number to the paint guy - I decided I needed to paint our kitchen table. I have been debating day after day after day what color to paint it. And the tricky part is that our kitchen stuff is all black and red...however, I wanted something much more exciting than black and not quite as overwhelming as red. So, as I was browsing the paint chips in Home Depot, I came upon it...the perfect color. Ocean Ripple. It hit me like a ton of bricks!

Again, I didn't take a "before" picture - but I'm sure you can imagine what it looked like. It was the typical dark-stained kitchen table! I like it SO much more now!!!


Michael and Michelle said...

LOVE little Luke's dressers. What an amazing job you did!!!!!! Room idea is awesome too. I have no clue what to put on Emma's walls! it's killing me

Mimi Gruwell said...

they look awesome... i wish i was nesting, i might actually get stuff done!! im so excited to see his room next week!!