Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm IT

Lucky #7

7 Things I Can Do:

1. change diapers!
2. decorate...usually
3. paint. not like the artistic paint, but the decorative kind like furniture and walls
4. play the piano
5. ummmm.....this is hard! oh, i can cook. when i want to.
6. i can type really fast
7. speak with all sorts of different accents. it's really kinda lame haha

7 Things I Can NOT Do:

1. watch the discovery/history/animal channels for more than 15 minutes without having to get up and leave the room. so boring
2. sleep through the night...thank you lucas
3. live without cory
4. eat an entire hotdog
5. listen to people complain about things they have control over. i mean, if you aren't happy about something - do something about it!
6. go a day without diet coke
7. go a day without flossing my teeth.

7 Things that Attracted Me To Cory:

1. his dark hair/blue eyes combination
2. his funny personality
3. the fact that he seemed up for a week-long fling
4. he was slightly unavailable...sorry nikki :) ha
5. his cute sense of "style"
6. his incredibly easy going personality
7. his ability to calm me down whenever i have anxiety attacks

7 Celebrity Admirations:

1. Gwen Stefani...she's so hot. even if she did name her child Zuma
2. Reese cute!
3. Jennifer Garner...i swear if she knew me we would be best friends. And ALIAS...oh yeah
4. Meg Ryan...not so much now because she's kind of become a weirdy, but back in the You've Got Mail days...definitely
5. Mariska Hargitay...she's the girl on Law & Order SVU and I seriously love her. seriously.
6. Will Smith...his movies are always so great!
7. James Marsden...I already told Cory that if I meet James and he is as nice as Cory, I might leave him. ha!

7 Favorite Foods:

1. Ham & Grandma Potatoes...oh man. my all time favorite meal
2. pot roast & potatoes
3. cafe rio. i could eat it almost every day
4. tony's frozen pepperoni pizza
5. chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips
6. french fries
7. diet coke

I tag Katy, Meagan, Megan & Nikki.

Post Script: Dear My Friend Kaitlyn - this blog was very difficult! I had to think for a long time!!


Kaitlyn Flanagan said...

Dear my friend Megan, sorry to inconvenience you. But if it makes you feel better, it took me like two days to finish mine. And how come I have never heard you speak in different accents? Next time I see you, I expect to hear a few.

Paul~Melissa said...

I hate to say it but I learned a lot about you with this post!!!! I too have never heard you speak with different accents!! I think you owe me a phone call! :)

Mimi Gruwell said...

hehehe... i love that you put change diapers. hope all is well, i love your stinkin guts!!