Thursday, October 1, 2009

11 Months

Dear Mr. Lucas...

To start things off, you are officially considered a "toddler"! You started walking a few weeks ago and are getting better and better at it every day. You started with one or two steps - and are now to where you can walk all the way down the hallway and all around the place! You are quite proud of yourself as well.

You are still referring to me as "dad". I'm starting to take it personally. Anytime I walk into a room you point and get excited (which I love) and then say "DAD! DAD!" At least you're excited right?

You have been so fun lately - so much of a personality and you love to make people laugh. You are incredibly comfortable with strangers and anyone new. You are still very flexible with your life schedule and very easy going.

I feel like you and I have finally gotten in our groove. I think we've learned how each other works and how to handle each others moods and schedules. My work schedule and Dad's work/school schedule are pretty nice right now. You spend Monday and Wednesday mornings hanging out with Dad until 1 when I get home from work. Then I get you to myself on Tuesdays. We hang out with Amber on Thursdays until she goes to work and on Friday you spend a few hours with your Grandma Daley while I go into work for a bit. You seem to be handling this life very well. I love that you get to spend quality time with your Dad a couple of days each week. I love the time we get to spend together.

You love going to work with me whenever you can and playing with Tim and the basketballs. For some reason Tim (my co-worker) is your favorite person at that place. You even cry when I take you. It's quite the ego-killer for me. :) You LOVE to play with basketballs - you are so intrigued by the fact that they bounce every time you throw them. And they make a great bouncing noise too.

You got another tooth this month - your third one on the bottom. You handled it surprisingly well. There were only one or two nights when you would wake up and just need a little medicine and you'd go back to sleep. Thanks for making that so easy on us.

You are still becoming more and more of your own person every day. Whether that is a good or bad thing is still up for debate. You know what you want, and get quite upset if you don't get it.

You learned out to say please by just making the "p" sound over and over again. It is dang cute if I do say so myself.

Thanks for being such a great little boy and for loving us unconditionally. You are so fun to hang out with and so easy going. We love you more and more every day. Dad and I talk often about how amazing it is that the love for you grows so much as time goes on.

We love you very much.

Love always
Mom & Dad

oh and ps: sorry for the failure of picture-taking this month. I even have a new camera and keep forgetting to use it! please don't judge...we still love you. :)


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and pretty soon you'll be spending 2 days with little libby b/c you have the best mom ever according to me. i hope she doesn't resent me when she realizes it may be too much...and i pray every night that it's not too much and maybe actually fun. ;)