Monday, March 15, 2010

14, 15, 16 & 17

Well, here we are....4 months later. Maybe now I wont feel so intimidated and overwhelmed by writing these monthly blogs for you now that I'm getting all caught up.

You have turned more into a little boy the last few months than I thought even possible. Here are some specifics...

*you can say between 20 and 25 words. You love to talk, and are great at picking up what we are saying more easily every day. i almost hate to admit it, but you say "mom" so many times in a day that it drives me crazy. except when you see me for the first time and yell "Mau-aum!!!"

*you can climb up and down just about everything. there have been multiple times i have had to get you off the kitchen table. nothing is safe anymore.

*you are obsessed with keys "sees" as you like to call love to unlock and lock doors. over and over and over again. luckily i've convinced you that screws in the door hinge are locks too....otherwise i'd spend my entire day holding you in front of the door.

*you still only weigh about 20-21 pounds. you get skinnier every day i think. however, i think if i moved as much as you, i'd get skinnier every day too!

*you still amber so much. she is your favorite person to play are the silliest and the biggest show off when she is playing with you.

*you have the greatest little laugh everywhere. We introduced you to how cool it is to play inside a fort, and you just climb under the blanket and CRACK UP. you think it is just hilarious, which in turn makes us all crack up too.

*you love to play at the park. we have been lucky enough to have warm enough weather recently, so we go to the park almost every day. you love to take your ball, throw it up the slide and watch it come rolling down. you aren't sure about the swings yet, i think they make you nervous.

*you have learned the sounds a dog, horse, pig & (usually) a lion make. however, you still think almost every animal is a dog.

*everything circular is still a ball to you.

*you have started to love coloring. we are working on the concept of keeping it on paper only. you somehow got a hold of a crayon and colored all over your time out bench, the floor and a door frame before we realized what was going on. so...thanks for that.

*you are basically a tornado to our house. i clean up tupperware, towels and toys 971435897 times every day.

*you LOVE to read. one of my favorite things is when you sit down in front of your book cabinet and pull them out one by one all by yourself and read them to yourself. I also love when you come to me with one book after another to have story time. i sincerely hope that this love continues your whole life. I think you're destined too, considering your dad and I love it so much.

*you learned how to say "no" and whenever do, it's never just one "no" it's "no no no no no" in the cutest little voice and always point your finger in the air right in front of your face. one of these days i'll hopefully catch it on video because it is just so cute.

We all have to fight laughing at you when you do this "no" thing because it is just so funny.

Anyway Luke, I'm sorry i've been a slacking mom lately. Although if you really think about it, I must be slacking less than I used to because I spend all my time actually following you around and entertaining you rather than writing about entertaining you!

We love you lots and lots

Love, Mom & Dad

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Michael and Michelle said...

ha ha ha I love the yogurt one! His face is great!