Wednesday, March 31, 2010


That's right. I'm a hater.

I hate the fake world that people use the internet to create. Hate.It.

I know that is a serious generalization, however it is kind of like a stereotype - it obviously comes from somewhere right?

What I mean is this....

The point of someone's blog is to be able to catch a glimpse of their life, right?

What is the point when all you see is the Fabulous and Wonderful aspects of life? Is it simply because no one wants to document the bad days? Or no one wants any blog-stalkers to realize they are human, not super-woman? People need to think that our lives are even more wonderful than the person before?

No one posts about the fact that being a mom is exhausting.
Balancing life is difficult.
It is so easy to let your marriage or other relationships become nothing but a side-note to your life.
Sometimes even making it through the day seems impossible.
Sometimes it seems as though life is living you, not you living your life.

What is the point of that?

I am trying to figure out the angle I want this blog to take. It has turned in to an "Ode To The Great Lucas" lately and I don't want to get strapped to that category. However, the only readers I have are grandparents and people interested in the comings and goings of The Great Lucas.

So, do I start an entirely separate blog that is just for me and my thoughts and musings and keep this one for those few of you interested? I don't know.

I want to be honest in all I do - and that includes any sort of online image I am projecting to the world.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not unhappy and just wishing I had a place to release that.
I am incredibly happy.
Quite possibly happier than I ever have been.
I am so content with life.
However boring it may be.
Every day is the same.
Maybe the security of that is a blessing, maybe the lonliness of it is a curse. Maybe you just can't have one without the and boring-ness coming hand in hand.

Either way...I'm here for now. Analyzing much more than is probably necessary. And wishing I had a witty comment to finish this off.


Austin and Chelsi Allred said...

Hey so it was so fun seeing you last week!!! You really are so funny and have the greatest comments about life that make me laugh, mostly because they are so true and its what everyone is thinking. haha And this last post you wrote. Hilarious! It really is true. I personally don't leave out the bad moment just because I want people to think my life is perfect, it is far from being perfect but I just leave them out because the bad moments are far and few and definetely not something that I would like to spend my time on thinking about or sharing. Which I guess makes me boring as well. Who knows what to do with these dang blogs...and seriously they do turn into a shrine for the kiddos.

Michael and Michelle said...

Agree Meg! I try to once a month just write on my blog about LIFE! The good, bad and the ugly. I agree on these blogs who seem to have it all together and I think" man, I really suck at life" haha. We should start a blog about....I really have no clue haha

janica said...

hahah. yur hilarious. love it. I agree though. truth be told, when i first got married adn things werent peachy, i would look at blogs and think, why isnt my life like that everyday?? i was fooled. I will start posting about the amounts of dirty diapers and poopy outfits that i have to change and wash:) jk... But i agree. with your post.

Queen Lisa said...

You're talking about my blog, right? I mean, how can you compete with the perfectness that oozes from the foster circus? It's just too much to live up to. Oh, the pressure :)

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pollydove said...

Mike? Is that for real? Interesting.

McCall told me about this post so I came over to read it for myself. It's a really good, honest post too! You know I do try to only write about good things but not so everyone (all 5 of you) thinks my life is perfect. It was, for me, a way to divert from the "awfulness" of my life!!!!

Go and check out this blog:

It is SO beautiful, such great pictures, so creative, such sweet inspiration .... and every day I think, "C'MON! REALLY!!! Are you seriously this sappy sweet???"

Now, that having been said - maybe the author of that blog has one intention in mind and it is to bring a sweet thought per day per blog reader - and she does! I'm sure her reality isn't that sappy sweet.

My sister in law used to say the same things about facebook - "You can create whatever life you want people to think you have online."

So here is the good thing ... you do have a good life! You said you are happier than you have ever been and that is awesome! In the long run, your blog is for posterity and it sounds like you're doing a good job creating that for your little adorable guy!

amber said...

I love this. Those blogs are so obnoxious.

uy said...

what a rant!!! i love you

Torin said...

Wow, ive never thought out internet life that way. Sure ive heard of stalkers pretending to be who they are not, but your right, alot of people change or exagerate the truth to make thier lives my interesting on-lone than it actually is in reality. I do tent to exagerate at times but only to put emphasis on a subject. You have an extensive mind, and you can gat really far in life with your type of mentality.d^.^b

Brittina said...

I totally know where you are coming from.
I don't like how fake everyone is with their blogs and when you see them how they talk about their life.

Like you, I'm happy with my life too.. doesn't mean I don't want to scream every once in a while... and that's honestly OKAY! And anyone who tells you it's not is the biggest fake! :)

Olívia Németh said...

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Olívia Németh said...

Lovely blog