Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Gratitude Train

So I'm a little late hopping on the gratitude train, but I'm cool with that.

Here are some things I have been grateful for lately:

1. Artificial Pre-Lit Christmas trees. It took me a whole 5 minutes to set our tree up (by myself) this year. (and I don't say "by myself" as a snide comment to those who did not help, I simply say it to emphasize the speed in which I was able to set it up.)

2. Doorknob Covers. Luke is unable to escape his room without assistance, nor is he able to enter Amber's room, any closets or the pantry without assistance. Now if only the pesky chairs weren't so easy for him to move to the counter - then maybe our knives wouldn't have to be on top of the fridge. I can barely even reach them now.

3. The Gift of Tongues. I am able to understand Luke's language with very little confusion...most of the time. Some examples: fungers = fingers and piserman=spiderman. I am still sad that he calls a shower a shower. It used to be sha sha. I preferred that.

4. Plastic Basketball Hoops and Mickey Mouse. Luke could be entertained all day if I let him only watch Mickey while the hoop is in the front room.

5. Whey Protein Shakes. If we ignore the fact that they make Luke exceptionally 'regular', it sure is nice to know he's getting some nutrition at least once a day. (If you read this Caroline - thanks for the advice!)


pollydove said...

I love this list!

Melissa P said...

Megan, this is a great list! I should quit procrastinating and invest in doorknob covers!

McCall said...

love it! luke is so funny. i wish i'd heard him say "sha sha". i have mixed emotions about libby starting to talk...it will be funny and obnoxious. ha.