Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Today is December 22nd. Every 5 minutes or so I rotate from thinking from "omg it's only the 22nd?!" to "omg it's the 22nd already!".

How is it possible to feel as if there is not enough time in the day to accomplish everything that must be accomplished, but at the same time feel as if time is not moving at all?
It's really quite enthralling.

I can just hardly wait for "Swiday" as Luke refers to it.
(It really means Friday. He thinks we are going to Jake's House every time we get in the car so I started telling him we were going on Friday. Obvs that doesn't mean a lot to the 2-year-old who really has no concept of time passing, but still. It's eased my lack of patience from him asking me everysingleminute when we are going to Jake's House.)

(which btw - another "Luke's Translations" post is coming soon. I've been keeping a list of the funny things he's getting long, just a warning. But really you should be excited.)


Michelle Elkins said...

I tend to feel the same way if I am traveling around the Holidays. There is just so much more to do and remember when traveling with a kid!!! Hope you enjoy your time with family and that your flights are on time!

pollydove said...

Oh I hear ya on this one! It's the 22nd already?!?!?!?!? Happy last few days of getting ready for the 25th! Merry merry Christmas!

Ina Roll Backe said...

A very nice blog! :)