Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I just have to say, one of my most favorite motherhood accomplishments is winning the "Why?" battle with Luke without having you use the phrase "just because".

For example, here is our conversation prior to bed time last night:

M: "Luke, do you want to wear your basketball shorts or your gym pants to bed?"

L: "umm...train jammies"

M: "ok remember that wasn't an option?"

L: "why?"

M: "because they are dirty"

L: "why?"

M: "because you have worn them the last 4 nights in a row"

L: "why?"

M: "umm probably because you love them"

L: "why?"

M: "i don't actually know why, maybe they make you feel like a grown up because they have that cool collar and the shirt buttons up"

L: "oh. umm gym pants."

M: "thank you, and i win."


McCall said...

haha. that's awesome! last night libby wanted her binky which i was holding and she demanded, "MINE!" i said, "say please libby." "MINE!"
me, "say pleeeeeeease."
libby, "miiiiiiiiiiiine."
oh my i laughed so hard. :)

pollydove said...

That is so cute! Just keep on loving this adorable stage ... sadly, it doesn't last long enough!!!

Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

haha glad I haven't entered into the WHY stage yet. Emma just asks what everything is or what a person name is at the store!

Tyson & Taylor Beaman said...

ahaha...i love it! Luke is too cute for words. Way to go for winning the battle, I don't think I would have.

yourstylist42 said...

HAHA really cute!