Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dear Cory,

Remember that super awesome tie hanger I got you for Christmas?

Yeah, it only works if you actually PUT.YOUR.TIES.ON.IT.

As a matter of fact, the specific tie rack (pictured) that I purchased for you is cleverly named the Honey Can Do Belt and Tie Organizer. HA.

Love Always,


Kelsey and Riley said...

oh my gosh. riley needs one of these. ties are the bain (sp?) of my existence. they are all over our closet floor. either they dont stay on the hanger or he just doesnt even try.

pollydove said...

For me it was socks all over the place ... silly, silly men!

Amber said...

hahaha oh that is so funny.

And really funny that Kelsey wrote "bain of my existence" because I googled that phrase not five minutes see how to spell it.