Monday, January 24, 2011

a day of celebration

I have loved our Diaper Genie.

Seriously, one of my very favorite purchases we made when Luke was first around. It's so convenient not having to take poopy diapers out to the dumpster every time you changed a diaper.

I just got back inside from taking the very last of the poopy diapers into the dumpster. I sanitized the DG and left it in the garage to be stored for the next child. (wait, there's a next child? we're still waiting for that day...)

Anyway, we have eliminated any and all diaper paraphernalia from our living quarters.

And it feels so good.


Kelsey and Riley said...

def on my list of things to purchase for the babe! glad to know it's worth it. and i'm also glad to hear you're rid of diapers! how wonderful.

Tyson & Taylor Beaman said...

yay for no diapers! But I was hoping there was a baby announcement. Guess we will just have to wait. I know how Tim wants a new "son" haha, jk...gag!

pollydove said...

YUP! That is a very happy day indeed. And you save sooooo much money not having to buy those silly diapers. (For now.)