Wednesday, July 16, 2008

98 Days

Wow. I just found that cute little baby floaty thing that's on the side of our blog. That's when it hits me...98 days until our baby is born?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT??? oh my gosh. All of a sudden i'm feeling sudden panic mode that we are in only the double digits! Barely, BARELY more than 3 months to go! Everyone says it just gets worse and worse from here...I will get bigger and bigger and more and more uncomfortable as time goes on. I'm really ok with that. I have loved being pregnant. It's all just great.

Oh - and congratulations to Michelle & Michael for finding out they are having a cute little girl! And to Heather on her new computer - now that's how we work it!!


McCall said...

you got a blog and didn't tell me...we are no longer friends!

i'm still adding you to my list. ;)

Paul & Melissa said...

so... I wanna see pictures of your pregnant self! I know you have them, so now you just gotta post em!

katybla said...

oh my goodness i cannot wait to meet the little bugger!!!