Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Back to the beginning

So I'm thinking I want to start at the very beginning with info about how our life came to be what it is....

We got married on February 22nd in the Mt. Timpanogos temple. It was SUCH a great day. I think about it often and still think it was absolutely perfect.

of course the typical wedding day kiss...

This is us coming out of the temple...it was so great having everyone we love there!

Here are the 3 Megan/Meagans :) and a Nikki!

You can totally tell he started the cake smashing mess....

We lived in Provo for about 3 months when we first got married. Then we moved to Lehi and lived there for like6 or 7 months. In January we moved to Lindon. Hopefully we are here to stay for a while. I HATE moving.

I work at a place called The Factory. It used to be called Open Court - it's in Lehi, right at point of the mountain. It's a basketball facility where we train people to play basketball properly and we have leagues too!

Cory works at Ken Garff Porsche Audi Volkswagen in Orem. He is a service advisor...so like the person you talk to when something breaks on your care and you need it fixed.

Anyway, we are having a baby boy that's due October 22nd. I can hardly wait! Of course we are completely unprepared...we hardly have any clothes. no blankets. no crib. oh well, i guess we'll get there eventually. :)

cute little nameless boy daley's feet

there is his little profile...if you can't tell, his head is at the right of the picture, and his arm is above it

and that's my favorite...close up of his teeny little foot!!

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