Saturday, July 19, 2008

My new toy...

Up until today, laundry has been quite the ordeal at our house. You see, we have a dryer - without any of the proper hook ups or vents and no washing machine. Therefore, we have had to dedicate entire nights to laundry and go to either our friend Nate's house to use their machines or to Cory's parents house.

Now, I have no problem going to either houses, especially considering we are Nate's house quite regularly anyway. I think the main problem is that laundry takes control of our lives once a week! And, those nights, we aren't able to accomplish anything at our own house!!

So, to get to the point....I have been stalking KSL Classifieds for a few weeks trying to find a decent washing machine and for a decent price. FINALLY on Friday, BAM - there it is...$100 for a washing machine that is only 3 years old!!! I couldn't believe it. I called them twice on Friday trying to arrange a time to go see it!

We went this morning, looked at it - made sure it all worked and was in as good of condition as they said - and brought it home with us!!! I think it is almost unhealthy for someone to be as excited as I am about doing laundry at our own house!!!

There it is...our washer and dryer combo - ever seen anything so beautiful?? :)


Michael and Michelle said...

It's amazing!!!! If we lived closer I would of given you one that we have just chilling that we are trying to sell! But that's great you got one for a great deal. WOOT WOOT

McCall said...

That's hilarious! I got my brand new washer and dryer for 100 bucks too! And you should've seen my happy dance. Ha. I love me a good bargain.

Paul & Melissa said...

Sweet!!! They look like they even go together too! I love the bargain hunting- its so much more rewarding!