Sunday, October 19, 2008

i have been tagged

thanks my friend are 6 quirks about me

1. i hate when phone lines get twisted. like the phones at my work - when the cord that goes from the base of the phone to the hand-held part of the phone gets twisted around itself i have to fix it. I do it probably 7 times a day.

2. my morning routine is exactly the same every single day. my shower routine, my hair routine and my make-up routine. it never changes. and if it does change, it throws off my whole day. like on Friday my sister slept over so I couldn't do my hair in the family room like i normally do, so I left my phone at home and i was ready later than usual because it throws me all off.

3. I have a serious love for mixing salty, sweet and sour tastes all in one. for example - if i eat ice cream i have to have something salty with it like french fries or potato chips. and i love to have popcorn with sour patch kids mixed. oh man, it's delicious.

4. i don't like doing laundry unless i can wash all of my clothes at once. i don't like having it half done and half not. if it ever ends up that way, i will do laundry every day until i get caught up and everything is clean. and i usually resort to wearing the most random things i own so i can wash all my normal stuff.

5. all the movies at our house are in alphabetical order. i hate going to other peoples houses and try to look for a movie and it takes forever because they are just in some random order.

6. i have an unhealthy obsession with "my" tv shows. i do not like to miss them, and i do not appreciate it when people talk while i am watching any of them. the good thing is that cory understands this and respects it. ha ha.

I tag amber, meagan, megan, nikki, & katy!

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Kaitlyn Flanagan said...

Um, sorry about the phone cord...I am the one that twists them...don't be mad, ok friend?