Saturday, January 3, 2009

2 months...and 5 days

Dear Luke,

Don't worry, I'm only 5 days late writing this....Life is busy with you around now! You had your 2 month check up on Monday (your actual 2 month birthday). You weigh 12 lbs 4 oz and are 23 1/4 inches long! Getting so big! You keep getting funnier and funnier every day. You LOVE to be sitting up looking around, taking in the world. If you are awake and we lay you down you just grunt and yell (not cry) until we sit you up.

You do this funny yelling thing. It's happened a few times where you have woken up in the middle of the night after kicking off your blankets. You just laid there yelling at me until I came in and wrapped you up again. You fell right back to sleep. So cute.

A couple of times it has taken me a bit to come and get you out of bed and I come in and there you are...SIDEWAYS in your bed. You kick your little self until your head is against the bars and you are turned. It really surprised me the first time, but after the 5th time or so I just have come to expect it!

I am very proud of you for not succumbing to the norm and losing all your hair. It is still blonde-with a little reddish tint and longer than ever! It is completely out of control too. There is always a part in the back that sticks up. no matter what.

You LOVE bath time. It takes dad and I both there to give you a bath. you make such a mess! you kick the entire time and splash as much as you can. It's so funny because you'll splash yourself in the face and it surprises you so much you freeze for like 5 seconds and then start doing it again.

Lukey, you have no idea how much your dad and I love you. You are so darn cute and fun to hang out with! You have been coming to work with me for the last month and are handling it very well. the people there just love you. And you are a good boy too - so far you've only had one meltdown. you do this great thing where you refuse to sleep...and then you loose it. completely. at least it's only every once in a while.

I love you Lukey! Happy 2 month birthday!

Mom and Dad


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