Thursday, January 29, 2009

3 months old!

i'm sorry if this "naked" picture offends anyone! ha ha i just had to show off his roll-y little body!

Dear Luke,

Happy 3 month birthday! I can not believe you are so old already. You get more and more entertaining every day. You started this great squeal thing - you sound like you training to be a raptor. It's hilarious.

You started actually liking toys about 3 days ago. Your Grandma Daley got you this bee-like toy that rattles and vibrates....Dad put it on your stomach and you were LAUGHING and LAUGHING. I don't know what it is, but your dad can make you laugh more than anyone else. I try all the same things he does and none of it works. You just give me that look of "what on earth are you doing mom?"

You also started doing this funny thing where you put your feet together so you're in like the butterfly position. It is so funny. My favorite though is when you try to sit yourself up. You HATE laying down. Almost as much as you hate Tummy Time. Tummy Time is always a chore. You last for like 45 seconds before you start kicking yourself sideways and grunting at me. Confession - I usually just watch you for a few minutes before I rescue is just so funny!

You are starting to grab for things now too. Your favorite I think is to play peek-a-boo with yourself. When you have a blanket around you, you grab a hold of the edge and pull it over your face and back down again - for like 3 minutes straight. And for you to be entertained for more than 3 minutes is quite an accomplishment! Except when you watch TV....uh oh. Starting a bad habit already. When I start having guilt that you love the tv, I have you watch Planet Earth..then I feel like you're at least learning about penguins and polar bears, rather than just the Today Show or Oprah.

You are a little high maintenance in the car though. You feel left out when your dad and I put you in the back seat and leave you all alone. You just squawk and squawk until we get to wherever we were going. Unless we talk to you...that seems to help. Or, we give you your binkie and you latch on with a death grip to our fingers and not let go until we get to wherever we were going. I think it is security to know that we are still there.

You just make me laugh Lukey. Oh! I almost LOVE to jump. as much as possible. We put you in this little jumpy thing that hangs in the door frame and you just scream and yell (the good yell, not the angry kind) and jump, jump, jump. It is so cute. Except then you get dizzy because you can't control which way you go. That makes you mad.
The other new thing you do is you like gurgle or something. You make this funny spitty noise in the back of your throat when you get's what happens right before you laugh.

You are the sweetest little guy ever. You love your dad - you get SO excited to see him when he is done with work. It is one of my very favorite things to watch.

We love you so much Lukey. You are a great little boy and I am loving watching every thing you learn. You are so curious and love to explore...I'm dreading what life will be like when you can explore places on your own!

Mom & Dad


amber said...

that boy is such a stud. oh i love lukey. and those pictures are the cutest things ever!

Kaitlyn Flanagan said...

I am in absolute love with Luke. Our play-dates are my favorite thing ever. Always the highlight of my day and especially week.

Ashley said...

I love the pictures! He is so cute! Are you guys going to come over for the Super Bowl? You should... I want to see Luke, well and you guys too. :)

Michael and Michelle said...

That's so crazy he's 3 months already!!!!!! He totally looks like you! Emma is going to be a midge compared to him! Which it's like 99 percent sure we are coming out in April.

Mimi Gruwell said...

crying... this is me crying!! he is so big! i love the picture, love the post, love the baby and totally love you!

Devin & Nikki Choules said...

I miss him so much! I need to come see you guys! He is so big!

Paul~Melissa said...

so sweet!!! I cant believe how fast they grow up! He is the cutest little boy!

Jen said...

Oh he is soooo cute! Crazy he is already three months old. I bet it goes so fast!