Monday, September 21, 2009


I have been thinking a lot about love lately and all the different types of love, and what it can do to you.
I look back to when Cory and I first said "the L word" and I almost laugh, because if you compare the amount of love I have for him now, to what I thought I had for him's almost like I didn't have a clue back then. Does that even make sense? It is such a deeper and stronger bonding type of love now. The type of love that only comes with years of life experiences with someone.
The type of love that is the hardest to grow.
Then I think about the love I have for our little Luke. I never imagined that I could love something so deeply and instantaneously as I did that little man when he was born. It seems like such an obvious love - I mean, of course I love him...he is a part of me.
His little being literally grew as a part of me.
That type of love comes so naturally.
When I think about the love I have for Luke, it makes me realize the love my parents must have had for me and all my siblings. I wish I could be a fly on the wall to watch my mom and dad's world turn upside down every time they held one of us for the very first time. I'm the first girl in my family (and 1 of only 2) so for a little while, I got to be the favorite daughter...I wonder if my Dad looked at me with the kind of awe I see on other dad's faces when they hold their baby girls.
Being a parent has made me learn to appreciate my parents and their lives so much more than I ever could have before.
Mom and Dad....thanks for everything. I mean it. Really.
Then I look at my siblings and the bond I have with them. (wow, I totally just typed bong....that would have been a funny sentence....we shouldn't go there) This bond was not an easy one to create. I mean, sure we were bonded because we are blood related. That didn't mean much when we were all pre-teens with out of control hormones and attitudes. I think about the influence that each of my siblings has had, and currently has, on my life....I would be an entirely different person had it not been for each of them. Some of them I talk to more than others, but I still don't think I make it a week without talking to each of them at least once. And by talking I usually mean texting....
Ryan is a great example to me of hard work and determination
Tyler is the person I can talk to about anything...seriously - anything. from putting out aircraft fires to the ugly she-mullets I see
Amber is my very best friend. and not just sister-friend. real friend. We laugh harder together than any other two people in the world. I don't think we go a day without laughing until we cry. Or crying until we's odd how laughing and crying always seem to come hand in hand. She understands me more than I ever thought she could. We are so alike, and yet so different. No wonder we hated each other for so many years....
Jared is the one we all seem to be living vicariously through. The smart, athletic, good looking, intelligent, hard-working one. And through all that he is still hilarious.
Jake is my little buddy (and always will be, even though I'm sure he's bigger than me now) He will always be the cutest youngest brother that knows how to stand his ground thanks to 5 older siblings that push him around. He is the one I can talk sports and music with. I'm sorry to say, Jake definitely has the best taste in's just like mine!
Anyway, this turned sappier than I wanted it to....I am just so grateful for the wonderful friends and family I have in my life. I am grateful for the ability to love. And that the people around me have the ability to love me back.

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Tyler & Katy said...

this made me cry...I wish I had this kind of relationship with my family like you do yours...I have this kind of relationship with your family :)