Thursday, September 10, 2009

one step at a time

That is currently Luke's life-motto.

We were visiting DARLING little Libby last night, and Luke took his first steps.

Thank you Jared for being cool enough for Luke to like you enough to walk to you.

He wouldn't even do it for me.

Maybe someday he'll walk to me on-demand so we can catch a video of it.




Tyler & Katy said...
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Tyler & Katy said...

AWWW HE WALKED!!!! That is freaking awesome!!! I can't wait to finally see him again!!! He will be over a year old when I get to see him again!!!

alibrough said...

That is swasome!!! I love it. Yay lukey. All grown up. I cant wait to see you at jess's wedding!

Paul~Melissa said...

Awesome!!! ok so how old is he??? Leath has started to roll over and scootch around a lot, soon he will be crawling!