Thursday, May 20, 2010

lukes pictures

So like I mentioned previously, my friend Janica took some fantastic pictures of luke a week or two ago.

Here are some of my favs.

Let's make this count a little as an 18 month update post, easier!
Here are some great things Luke has been up to lately:
*learns a new word every day. sometimes I don't even know how he learns them
*he has found his loud voice...and his opinions
*he still loves basketball
*and fish. oh he loves fish. We frequent Cabelas to see their aquarium
*every animal with wings and/or a beak is a duck and every animal with four legs is either a pig, dog or horse.
*he gets crazier every day. cracks me up all the time.
*could "shoot" all day every day. oh wait...he does.
I think my favorite thing he says right now is "shootballshootballshoot" all really fast like it's one word. He just walks around saying it. Funny funny.
I'm sure there's more, that's just all I can come up with now.

Dear Luke,
It amazes me, and kind of makes me sad that you won't remember these first few years of your life. They have been monumental, and had such incredible impact on my life, as well as so many people around you. We have so loved having you around and having you to teach us so many important things about life, and what really matters. You are a great little boy; full of curiosity and a desire to learn things. You say "whatsat" ALL the time. It almost makes me crazy, until I think about how much I love that you love to explore and discover new things.
You are still my little buddy, regardless of the power struggles we tend to find ourselves in on an all-too-regular basis. You have a hard time accepting when I tell you no, but are great with asking please when you want something. You have learned to say I Love You - which sounds more like "ah-looo" but I know what you mean and it makes my world so happy.
Thank you for being such a nice boy. You are great at sharing and being a good friend. Let's keep that up ok? Ok.

Love you lots,
Mom & Dad


TheUnSoccerMom said...

I'm really digging his spikey hair!!

Such a great way for you to keep up w/ Lukes milestones. He will really treasure this one day. :o)

Michael Elkins said...

hahaha i love the rock picture!!!!! Oh and his shirt!

pollydove said...

Those pictures are so adorable and I love that you have documented all those cute things about Luke at this age.

I wish we had had blogs when my kids were growing up, I think I would have been MUCH better about recording things - so little of their lives is written down! :(

(my bad)

McCall said...

baLOON. still my favorite work of his! those pics turned out so cute! i love that little boy.

Jen said...

What a cutie, I love his long hair!

Paul~Melissa said...

Luke is such a cutie! Love the pics and reading about all the things I have to look forward to!

design gal said...

he is so big! i love that you write all of these things down!