Saturday, May 15, 2010

pink ladies

I love Grease just as much as the next person, however this post is regarding THESE pink ladies:

Eating these apples is like eating candy.
Luke will eat an entire one, in the cart, while we grocery shop.
Which means I have to always carry an extra un-touched one around, so that when they weigh them I'm not ripping off the store. Cashiers probably think I'm crazy.
Convenient really.

They are delicious.
I recommend you try them.


amber said...

I was SO going to have this same blog! ah they are so good.

janica said...

if you like those, then you HAVE to try Pacific Rose. I wasn't an apple eater until I bit into one of them. Pure deliciousness

Paul~Melissa said...

These are my favorite apples in the world! When I was prego I seriously ate like 3 a day- but they must be pretty seasonal because I look for them every time I go to the grocery store and havent seen them in forever!