Thursday, May 6, 2010

morning musings

Musing #1:
I stop at my local Maverick (almost) every day. And every time I am there, usually a few other cars keep mine company while I am in the convenience store.
However I have noticed that my car is the odd one out.
And no, not because it is 15 years old, has a cassette player and a missing headlight.
But because it is the only car not left running while the owner/operator is inside.

This poses the question - am I the weird one for turning off my car? Or are they the weird ones for keeping theirs on?

I mean, I don't consider myself and entirely "environmentally conscious" or "green" person
(hey, it's something I'm working on. don't judge. i do actually own and (usually) use my reusable grocery bags. and I buy the "green" cleaning products. and i digress....)

and normally I turn the car off mostly out of paranoia I guess. I mean, not to be stereotypical here, but keep in mind this is all happening at 445am.
Not many normal people (besides myself of course) are out and about at 445am.
No way I'm letting one of those goons steal my car.
Or my purse.
Or the sandwich I made myself for brunch.

Musing #2

Does anyone actually eat these "sandwich" crackers like a sandwich?
This is a real question. I mean, the peanut butter-to-cracker ratio is all off. Seriously.

Typically I open it up, eat the peanut butter, eat one of the crackers and throw the other one away.

Another option is to open it up, eat the peanut butter and then eat both crackers
(waste not, want not, right?)

Does anyone really just open the package, take a "sandwich" out and take a bite?
Just like that?

I don't think I could bring myself to do it.


Devin & Nikki Choules said...

I ALWAYS turn off my car! I don't want to blow up! I have finally got Dev to turn off the car too by giving him a guilt trip about him dying and me using all of the life insurance money on frivolous things!

Cory & Megan said...

but you turn it off while it's just in the parking lot?? i mean - we all turn it off (i hope) when actually getting gas, but while it's just in the parking lot??

Michael and Michelle said...

I would so turn off my car too. I am too worried about a creeper taking it! If i like in a small town it would be diff I guess?

Ms. Givens said...

I turn my car off and I always lick the center of the sandwich crackers.
Have you noticed that Oreo's are not the same. Double stuff is not double stuff and the cookie part is not as durable and they break at first lick. I despise that.

amber said...

Really, peanut butter crackers are frustrating. And the car thing...I wouldn't leave my car running even if I were standing right outside of it.

TheUnSoccerMom said...

you are NOT the odd one out! I always turn my car off... those people are crazy!