Tuesday, May 25, 2010

translation please

Luke has gotten to a point where he is learning at least one new word every day.
However, these new words don't always sound the way they are supposed to.

Here are some examples:

sass: please
(imagine "sass" being said with your tongue sticking all the way out of your mouth, and the "s" sound only coming through the gaps in your teeth)

inky: stinky
(said while waving his hand through the air. Thanks Cor for teaching him that one)

sees: keys

duck: stuck or duck

shoot: hoop or shoot
(basically he wants to play basketball some more)
If it is said while handing you the ball - it means he wants you to shoot.

ock: could be Rock or Lock
depends on which is around / he is pointing to

ball-OOON: balloon - always said with much excitement

fwy: french fries / hamburgers

ice: could be ice or rice
depends which is around / he is pointing to

amp: stamp
(said while holding his fist in front of his face)
He gets stamps at the end of his gym class - it sometimes is the only bribery to
get him to behave the rest of class

rog: frog

Buke: Luke
(imagine it being said with a little bit of an "m" sound along with the "b" sound)

wook: work
this is where everyone is, when they aren't within eye sight.

izzit: usually means Bink.
Sometimes he says bink, but usually it's "izzit" I think he picked this up because he used to always lose his binkie and so we'd walk around saying "where is it?" when looking for it.

Bye: anything he wants to sit on.
chairs, benches, tables, the kitchen counter, the shelves at the store that are just his height....anything.
And I have no idea where this came from. I think it might be because if he wants a "bite" of something, he has to sit down in his chair. But that's the only possible explanation I can come up with.

Ib: his gf Libby.
He LOVES her. almost an obsession. Everyday he brings me my phone and says "ib ib ib" because he wants to see a picture of her. Or when we are at the computer, he grabs the mouse and says "ib ib ib" because he really loves her.

Dy: ty - anytime I'm on the phone and it isn't dad, it's dy.
He brought me my phone yesterday saying "dy dy dy where is he?" and when I said I didn't know where ty was, he said..."oh, wook."

was-at: What's that? said 500 times every day.

oink oink: (except really it's the oinking sound that is impossible to type) is a pig

eeeeeeee: is a horse. because that's the sound they make, duh.

Back: every time someone walks back into the room, he finds something he couldn't see before (such as a ball hidden behind a pillow, or a frog on a different page of the book is BACK when he finds it again) or anytime someone walks through a door - they are BACK!

Am: Amber

pa: grandpa

beebee: anyone being carried / every time he sees a car seat
it doesn't matter how old a person might be, if they are being carried - they are a beebee

Also, when asking a question (usually where something is) he simply states the word (like "ball" or "dad") with his arms raised out to the sides. Makes it difficult to know what he's saying unless you are actually looking at him.

Or if he knows he isn't going to get something he is asking for - like his bink when he isn't sleeping - he says "bink" while shaking his head no.
or "more" while shaking his head if he knows he isn't getting more of something.

He is turning into quite the little character. He has so much personality, it cracks me up every day. He makes me laugh so often. It is so hard to imagine my life without him here to brighten it up every day.


TheUnSoccerMom said...

This post made me smile all the way through.... also makes me remember my baby girl when she was learning to talk 15 years ago... :o)

Jen said...

Ha, cute phrases--good idea to write them all down...so cute you don't want to forget them!

Tyler & Katy said...

Seriously! I hate living so far away from you and my nephew!!! he is adorable! I love that he still says keys like that!! Makes me reminisce about when you were here for Christmas.

Devin & Nikki Choules said...

I cannot wait to see him this weekend! So cute!

pollydove said...

This is a really cute post! And I love that Luke is obsessed with Libby ... that is just so cute.

Elliott only said one word until he was almost three, and that was GOG ... there is no translation.