Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Party

So, we had our work Christmas party tonight. This is the first time in the 3 Christmas's I have worked there that we've had a Christmas party. I guess that's what happens you have peppy cheerleader types that start working there.....

Check out our sweet outfits! and ignore that i look ghostly white. and the terrible angle the pictures were taken from - thanks sis! :)

It was funny because the lady that hosted it couldn't figure out if we were serious or not because we acted like we were, but then other people all made fun of them and we just laughed. ha. it was great. and one of the more awkward dinners I've ever eaten.


Paul~Melissa said...

awesome megan! I love it!!! My sister had a christmas party at her house and was going to have a contest on who could wear the ugliest christmas sweater....i am going to start looking for next year!

Kaitlyn Flanagan said...

Wow, we look great! Please don't throw your turtle neck away. And you have no idea how happy I am that Cory wore that shirt.