Wednesday, December 24, 2008



The typical, slightly depressing month it usually is...I remember working A LOT. I had just started some new responsibilities and was completely stressed out about them. I just remember really looking forward to February.


We found out I was pregnant this month. SO EXCITING! I was actually at work and had just finished working out when I decided to take the test. Amber was working at the time, and due to my complete shock - I made her look at the positive result just to make sure it was true. I went into the locker room and called Cory. I can only vaguely remember his response. ha. I then called my mom. I can only vaguely remember her response as well. We also had our 1 year anniversary this month. I had gotten 2 snowboarding passes for me and Cory...turns out we had to discreetly figure out how to get Cory's friend Nate to go without him and have a semi-valid reason that I couldn't go on our anniversary date anymore....


This was probably the worst month of "morning sickness". It was really only bad when I had dairy products...I figured that out the hard way. My life became much less crazy this month too because the Winter League at work was over. PHEW.


This was the month we announced our pregnancy to everyone we knew. How exciting!


If I remember correctly this was the month we found out we were having a boy! After playing a SO not nice trick on us during the ultrasound and making us think he was a girl....We called our parents to tell them the exciting news. This is when my mom pulled the name Luke out of thin air. It was a name we had totally never even thought a little about, and yet, it is the one that stuck! Then came many discussions about whether to name him Lucas or just Luke. I couldn't do just Luke...I couldn't name my kid a nickname name. I just couldn't.


I was definitely looking pregnant this month. I finally wasn't just questionably gaining weight. What a relief. I also started being able to feel Luke move around. He has always been a crazy mover. It just kept getting more and more realy.


I really can't remember a single thing of this month....


Tyler and Katy got married!! FINALLY! It was SO fun to go out and visit my family too! Too bad I was like 7 months pregnant and totally swollen in the heat of humid-wisconsin-summer. I couldn't even wear great heels. How sad. I am so happy for the two of them. They belong together and it was such an incredible time for me. Sitting in the sealing room, crying my eyes out, reminiscing about what it took for them to get there; the sacrifices that Katy had to make, all of it. I am so happy that they chose to get married in the temple and be sealed to each other forever.


Only one more month before Lukey! I definitely started feeling like a whale this month. Sadly, our lives were pretty much the same every day this entire year. A lot of work.


My mom came out on the 22nd (my actual due date) and sadly, Luke wasn't born until A WEEK later. To be optimistic (which we all know isn't my strong trait...) I was at least able to spend some great quality time with my mom and sister and sister in law during that week. Finally, on the 29th, after 12 hours of labor and an emergency c-section, Luke decided to grace us with his presence. He has been ruling the roost ever since. My mom stayed for 3 weeks, my sister basically moved in, my dad and brothers came out for a week, we blessed Luke when he was 3 days old (I only made it through thanks to the ibuprofen/percocet combo I had inside me). This was quite the month.


Amber still lived with us; our house was a little crowded but full of life. I had the month off of work, and oh man - I really got used to that freedom! Ha. After a few weeks of recover, I was able to carry Luke around on my own so there was a lot of time filled by walking around Target and the mall. It actually kind of gets boring just chillin at home all the time. Not boring enough to wish I could work though....


Work started again, although this time it's MUCH less than it used to be and much easier to handle. Luke is growing and growing and I am consistently torn between loving every minute of it or hating it and wishing it would stop. It has been incredible how quickly he learns things and how fast he changes. If he is awake, he has to be sitting up so he can look around and see the world. He is a very curious little boy...I can only imagine what this will be like in a few months when he can control where he goes and when he goes there! It is quite convenient being able to lay him on the couch, come back 5 minutes later, and have him still be in the same place! He is the sweetest little boy. He smiles at me everytime he sees me. He LOVES to be with Cory when he's home from work. I love that he can hear either one of us talking across the room and he will look around until he finds us. There is nothing quite like having him search, make eye contact, and smile - with basically his whole body. What an angel.

I can only imagine what the next year has to bring. This one will be a hard one to beat! Although, in 2 months Cory and I will celebrate our 2 year anniversary! (seems totally weak though - I swear we have been married longer than that!...and I mean that in a good way:) ) In July we will be going to Canada for the first time in like 3 years. I am so excited to introduce both Cory and Luke to the Canadian side of my family. Ryan graduates from college in April, Jared turns 16 in February, Katy graduates in April/May, Jake starts high school, Luke will turn 1, Amber will turn the big 2-1 and Tyler will complete his fire fighter/army training.

We are in for a good year and I am really excited about all the joy it will bring!

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I love the re-cap.... I was thinking I should start a better journal so that I can do one next year!