Wednesday, October 13, 2010


You know that episode of Friends when Monica is sick and trying to convince Chandler that she isn't?

And Chandler says
"you aren't FINE if you end FINE with a D!"
(or something along those lines - megan and nic, don't kill for improperly quoting!)

Well, that is what Luke sounds like these days.
The poor kid has the stuffiest and runniest nose and was asking me yesterday
"where's ab? where's ab? i dot doh"
instead of
"where's Am? where's Am? I not know"

Poor kid.
I shouldn't mock.

Or admit that I asked him questions with answers like "i dot doh" just to hear his cute raspy voice answer without any m's and n's.

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Melissa P said...

lol poor guy!!! Although I bet he does sound pretty cute! You will have to video him so you can remember this later!