Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Sarge

Today is a very sad day.
Our dear Sgt. Maxwell was laid to rest after 10 loyal years as the World's Best Dog.
Seriously, he is the only dog I've really ever loved. And for an extended period of time. I never saw him as smelly and dirty (as I feel towards most animals in general - especially house pets. ew. I digress....)

Max thought he was a person; he sat on his behind on the old green chair we used to have and slept on Jared's bed almost from day 1. And by bed I mean pillow.
He learned how to spell "g-o" "c-a-r" and "w-a-l-k" - also know as just a "w".

He loved carrots and ice cubes. He had one brown eye and one blue eye.
Strangers always thought he was blind in his blue eye. I always thought that was a weird assumption.

He waited up for me on the wild party nights of high school, along with Amber's wild nights and Jared's wild nights and Jake's wild nights (as if there were any of those).

He waited at the front window watching for the school bus to bring Jared and Jake and all the neighborhood boys home from elementary school.
Simply hoping he could play "pickle" with them in the front yard.

He loved to lay on the floor in the sunlight shining in through the back door. He loved laying on the vent - no matter what temperature it was - to cool off or warm up. He especially loved laying on the vent with a blanket over him in the winter. (I told you, he thought he was a human).

He loved us all unconditionally for the last 10 years.
He will be greatly missed.

Here's to you Max, here's to you.


Amber said...

I forgot how much he loves carrots! Oh that crazy dog. He will be missed so much.

Michelle Elkins said...

So sad!!!! RIP Max!

McCall said...

oooh. sorry meg. that's always hard. max was a good little boy, wasn't he? i hope coop lives to be 10. that's a good doggy life. ;)

The Gruwells said...

Sorry babe! He sounds like he was a wonderful dog. Hope you feel better! Im glad I got to see you.

design gal said...

:( I'm so sorry- losing a pet is hard, but when they're truly a member of the family it's heartbreaking. i'm sure he's laying on a vent with a blankie over him in heaven :)

Tyler and Megan said...

how did I miss this post? Weird. I am so sad! I didn't even know! School is all consuming and I feel so bad I didn't know!!! I am so sorry. Max was awesome. FOR REAL. never to be replaced. LOVE