Sunday, October 17, 2010


So, for those of you who know me, know that I do not love Halloween. I do not particularly understand the point of Trick or Treating. I do not love Halloween decor.

As is the case with many things, having Lucas around has changed my view on things.
I was feeling awfully ba-humbug about Halloween and decided that should change, for Luke's sake.

So, I went and bought pumpkins (!).
And I must say, I love them.

Here's the before:
And here's the after:

Thanks to some metallic spray paint I was able to create (mostly) mess-free pumpkins that aren't going to rot and smell before Halloween even comes around!

There you have it, I have succumbed to the season. Dang.

(Taking Luke Trick or Treating this year is still up for debate.)


Kelsey and Riley said...

yay i'm so glad you caved! fall is the best and it is nothing without pumpkins. and those ones are adorable. not a bad idea at all.

The Gruwells said...

That is pumpkin cheating! Your son will not know the true joy of halloween until he has sunk his grubby hands into the sticky, messy guts of a halloween pumpkin... someday!

Michelle Elkins said...

Yaay for pumpkins! You can still carve them! We paint the front of ours and a few days before Halloween we turn them around and carve them so they don't rot WAY before Halloween!

Amber said...

Thanks for succumbing to the season. Our front door is awesome to walk up to everyday.

Jen said...

You have to take him TOT'ing! And you have to take pictures!