Friday, October 22, 2010

Funny Friday

Maybe it would be cool if I was a regular poster (postee?) with "funny friday" anecdotes.
Either way, this is a funny movie.
Maybe "funny" isn't the right word. Because you probably won't like LOL or ROFL, however you will most likely chuckle.
That's a better word.

On the same note, the word "movie" isn't really the proper word either.
Maybe a "clip". No, not "clip" because that makes it sound like a segment of something. How about a "short". I think that's what it is. A "short"
That's a better word.

Here is a chuckle-inducing short.

(and sorry it's too big for the screen. I can't seem to make it cooperate. lame)


Becca said...

I definitely gave a little chuckle. I think what made it funny is knowing that you found humor in it :)

McCall said...

i LOVE marcel! i've seen this before and she is too cute. i love her little dog. ;) and i do believe it's called a "short".

Amber said...

Hahaha I l'dol at that. What in the world?

pollydove said...

Oh my word, that is adorable! Her voice!!!! The lint dog - love that!

I also wanted to thank you SO much for offering your services when I was so buried! That was truly so sweet of you and I appreciated it. I am just now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel upstairs. I had my brother help me build MASSIVE shelves from IKEA for the office and they hold a LOT of stuff - nice. That helps clear up my floors! :)

Anyway, you are a doll for offering. Thank you!!! xo